ChinChatComics will be on Vacation!

To my ChinChatters,

A huge huge thank you for all your love and support for the past almost two years since ChinChatComics has been up and going. We’ve achieved so much together and your support really shaped how Shakespeare, Rolo, Toby and LingLing all filled out as characters.

I’ve been really busy and a bit absent lately because of work. And due to those reasons, I have to reduce publishing comics from every Wednesday to once a month! So I’ve decided on the third Wednesday of every month, we’ll have a brand new comic featuring our most lovable chinchillas!

This was a hard decision to come to but I hope you all understand. We’ll still feature lots of cute animals on our Facebook Fanpage  every day and I’ll definitely still be around to answer your fanmail and to chat =).

Rolo the chinchilla is giving you a wink!

Jenn Li of ChinChatComics @Mini Comi 2012

The Mini Comi Convention 2012 was a success! It was me (Jenn), Shakespeare, Rolo and Stephen, our IT guy! The crowd was mostly cosplay fanatics and there were so many awesome costumes. All the ChinChatters from Vancouver who could come made it and a huge huge thank you for coming out and to all those who were there in spirit!

We set up the cage with Rolo and Shakespeare, and our table with mostly freebies, giveaways and ChinChat posters of course!

Some ChinChatters that dropped by and we grabbed a quick photo!

 A picture with ChinChatter Gabe! His guinea pig is actually “Comet” in ChinChatComics

After setting up, waiting for the convention to open the doors!

Shakespeare whispering to me =D

I had to let Darth Vader hold Shakespeare (did you know Shakespeare’s a StarWars fanatic?)


Just one of the many aisles at the Mini Comi!

Meet Jenn Li of ChinChatComics @MiniComi Vancouver July 07 2012!


ChinChatComics is going to make its FIRST convention appearance at Mini Comi Vancouver on July 07 2012

WHERE: UBC SUB (Student Union Building) Ballroom 

WHO: Jenn Li and the ChinChat Chinchillas. That’s right, we’re bringing our chinchillas to the show!!

WHEN: July 07 2012 10AM-7PM


So come on down and you can meet Jenn Li, creator and founder of ChinChatComics and you can even pick up some ChinChatComics goodies!

ChinChatComics Loves Vancity Buzz!

ChinChatComics will be a weekly feature on Vancity Buzz starting June 24 2012! We are super excited for this collaboration, and you can look for fresh adventures and comics not only on our site, but also from Vancity Buzz!

If you’re from Vancouver, you’re probably familiar with Vancity Buzz, it’s the biggest blog for Vancouverites on what’s up and coming, around town and other amazing things. To find out all the who, what, how and where, it’s the blog to go to!

We’re Now Published on a Newspaper!

Hey ChinChatters! It’s been about a year and 7 months since ChinChatComics was conceived. And already we’ve graced FMyLife, had the privilege to be on some sweet podcasts, published our first iPhone game application ChinBounce.

I swear, we couldn’t have done it without the love and support from you ChinChatters. Thank you so much! And of course, from my greatest supporters my parents and Stephen, who were alongside me through this whole journey.

We’ve now been published as a monthly feature on Truth Monthly Newspaper. It is a Chinese-Christian newspaper published in Vancouver, BC and has been in circulation since 1995. ChinChatComics provides it with a monthly comic, featuring the ChinChat Gang  with exclusive adventures. To find out more, you can go to their site or pick up your own copy at any newspaper stand if you’re in BC, Canada!


Twilight Chinchillas Toys and More

ChinChatComics' collaboration with Twilight Chinchillas Toys and More!

I got a surprise in the mail from Twilight Chinchillas Toys! A big thank you to Christine Marchington for sending Rolo and Shakespeare all the toys, nibbles and woods for them to play with! I was only able to take some pictures of Rolo, Shakespeare was still dozing.

The products are great, all hand-made and you can tell that she really puts a lot of love and detail into everything that she makes. The hanging toys were delightful, by the next day, some parts had already been chewed! So definitely check them out for chinchilla toys, her prices are fabulous and you and your chins will be happily surprised!

ChinChatComics is on InkBot Podcast!

Click the image to listen to Jenn from ChinChatComics chat with the guys at!

*Due to the content of some of the topics discussed, some audience members may find some parts of this offensive. I will have to rate this Podcast as a 18+. Continue only at your discretion! 

ChinChatters I have a TREAT for you! I was lucky enough to be a guest on Inkbot’s Podcast a few weeks ago. And they decided that it was good enough to be aired on the world wide web. Just kidding! In the Podcast we talk about Sony, Pokemon, and of course, ChinChatComics!  I am so grateful for Inkbot to have me on their show and to all my ChinChatters for your huge support!

Mini Comi 2012 YouTube Interview

HEY! We got a table at the Mini Comi 2012 event at UBC Vancouver, BC on July 7 2012 =D. As a bonus for this cute little event, I did a YouTube interview for it. We chat about ChinChatComics, the history, our characters and get to know me the creator of these majestical comics a bit better =).

*Note: This being my first YouTube interview, I laugh uncontrollably and inappropriately due to nervousness! Enjoi anyway =P