Chinlog #66 Chinchillas: pets, myths and more!

This week on ChinChatComics we have the opportunity to introduce ChinSpot! Founded by Elke Reniers, it is a great blog site that talks about common chinchilla questions, behavior, diet, cage, colors, health and more!

Having five chinchillas herself, Elke founded ChinSpot with the intention of helping new and current chinchilla owners on answering some simple questions and facts about chinchillas! All of her advice is honest and from experience, so please comment and support ChinSpot! 

My favorite part of her site would have to be on “Chinchilla Myths”, here’s just a sneak peak of what her site has to offer (but go to the link for more!):

1. Chinchillas don’t necessarily need a cagemate (Shakespeare was much happier with Rolo!)

2. Male chinchillas can’t be kept together

3.There’s a chinchilla on the package so it will be good food (Unfortunately I know this one from personal experience)

see the rest here!


And here’s some pictures of Pixie and Lilo for you to “OOH” and “AWWE” over!


chinchilla, chinchillas
chinchilla, chinchillas

Lilo and Pixie eating! ChinSpot

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