Chinlog #70 Jamie Glaser and Lucky’s Place

I had the best time talking to Jamie Glaser on Tuesday! Some of you may know him as the man with the singing chinchillas! The first time I saw Jamie was his YouTube video of Tiki the Dancing Chinchilla! He’s been a chin owner for over a decade and counting, and he has a very informative forum: Lucky’s Place !

Meet Jamie's current chin family!

Jamie and Lucky, one of my favorite pictures!

I got a chance to ask Jamie some questions:

J(Jenn): How did you first know about chinchillas?

Jamie: we had an earthquake in 1994, I had a telephone with memory dial. It had buttons and pieces of paper, the paper would have names, like Jennifer, randy etc. All the sheets were out of the phone because of the earthquake. I had no idea what number was what or who. So I started to call, so I got to one number and this woman answered with a great voice. And I met Helen.

….anyway Helen and I met and eventually I moved into her home. Helen is the reason why I have chinchillas. There was an outlet right next to the bed  on the floor and I moved a plate under my bed and I  heard a squeaking noise. And I looked and through the wall I saw what I thought were squirrels or rats on a wheel. And I’ve never seen them before.

And that’s where the magic began. Jamie met Lucky for the first time and was completely enthralled.

Words of wisdom from Jamie: “In general people don’t give animals their due.” He reminds us never to get too busy for our pets, especially since chinchillas need a lot of attention and exercise.

Jamie also spoke about the caution of home breeding, that it is important to know the genetics of your chinchillas before you breed them. You can read more about it on Lucky’s Place forum, as well as Jamie’s many “Taking Good Care of Your Chinchilla” videos.

Taking Good Care of Your Chinchilla Part 1

Lucky’s Place as well as ChinChatComics are both strongly against pelting, in particular the pelting of chinchillas. It is a cruel, inhumane act against nature. How you can help is to raise awareness and get involved as much as you can. You can also take note that pet shelters have many unwanted chinchillas who need good homes. And finally chinchillas are adorable but they need a lot of attention (think of it as having a dog or cat), and are not good pets for young children! 


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