Chinlog #13

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Happy 1st of December!

It’s finals time for projects at school so I’ve definitely have been swamped. I’m almost done my community project proposal, it’s called Spoke and here is what part of my presentation will look like :

In short, this is the only fine arts course I am taking this year and to be honest, the most relaxing and enjoyable course. This is a community project proposal for a street in Vancouver called Fraser Street. It’s a very multiethnic part of East Van, and you should always carry cash as most restaurants and stores are cash only.

SPOKE, the name of the proposal is a community outreach idea. It’s simple to understand, residents can record their thoughts and answer to questions in the “SPOKE booth” which would be located in the library nearby, then it would eventually be projected onto a wall of this alley, which is found on 46th and Fraser. The whole idea of SPOKE is to celebrate the diversity of cultures and language in the community.

My other project for Design Core is called SOVA, I won’t give away too much as I’m not even quite finished but I’ve been cutting out the yellow and green shapes all night.

Anyway, back to school work. =X

Chinlog #12

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In whistler currently and had my first go at snowboarding. I went up there quite indifferent and nervous. I fell a few times but got the hang of it quickly. After doing a facial with my girlfriend my face broke out in hives and to my horror nothing would make it go away until I took a benadryl. And FYI pharmaceuticals in whistler is disgustingly overpriced.

We ventured into the hot tub of our hotel and were joined promptly by 4 sweaty fat men. I never realized how crammed and awkward things could get in a hot tub full of strangers. Needless to say we didn’t stay long and left for a well deserved rest.

So today I am extremely sore in places I didn’t think I would be. Definitely thinking about investing into some snow boarding gear.

Chinlog #10


SOO I found my old 16GB USB stick and found a bunch of old pictures, some old school stuff and Korean movies (I am so cool). These pics reminded me of my old deviantart account I started when I was 15 and given my first shitty Kodak digital camera.

Here are some of those pictures I took, some are definitely hit or miss, but the thing I remember most vividly about all these pictures are those moments right before and after I took them.

These were taken first with an old analog camera and then I decided to retake them with my SLR, it was a play on visuals, talking about the role of men in war and where does the topic of sexuality place? Whether to do with their girls back home, girls overseas etc.:

So I guess there’s an advantage to being in the army and having access to scenes like this:

Sooo…one of the first images I uploaded of a flower I placed on a piece of woodworking machine. Just liked the contrast, this was pre photoshop days.

This is a fluke, at a birthday party.

Chinlog #9

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When I was a kid, I used to draw all the time, I learned how to draw before I learned to talk. And drawing did I do. All over the walls, on paper, in dictionaries, anything my pencil or pen could touch.

But when you get older the world pushes down art, and tells people that creativity is bunk, the world is run by engineers, doctors, businessmen and construction workers. You want to do art? You work on the street painting portraits for $10 a pop.

And as I got older, I looked for ways out, I killed sometime at UBC until finally going to art school to pursue Industrial Design. Even that was an excuse to come out of art school to be more useful than just an “artist”.

But holy shit, did I ever take a 360 and end up in the exact same place that my heart was in the whole time. I’m drawing because I want to again.

So if you are a photographer, a dancer, a singer, an artist, a visualizer, and idealist, or you have a creative output, don’t stop. You know you’re meant to do what makes you happy and I’m sure as hell not stopping.

And here’s a toast to those who discouraged me; I hope you’re having a good life being average.